Mefa Sales Enzine Partner Program

Mefa Sales Enzine helps businesses make more sales online. Each business is unique, so is our solution. That’s why, we (1) assess each business’s current status, (2) write a report with findings and recommendations, and (3) design a customized marketing plan – absolutely for free!

Be a part of this good gesture to your community

Help a business in your locality get a strong online presence and make more sales online.
And you make money – no skills required.  

What is a partner program?

Our partner program is a passive income program for anyone. It is the easiest way to earn money. No skills required.

How to be eligible?

Do you know a local business? That’s it. You’re eligible to join our program.

How it works?

If you know a local business struggling for more sales, get this assessment request form filled up, we will come up with a customized status report and marketing plan. It’s Free.

How do I do that?

Our partners go to the owners, talk to them about this free marketing plan offer, and fill it up. If you think the owner is too busy to do that, you talk to collect that information and fill it up by yourself. Easy!

What are the businesses I can consider?

The businesses like restaurant/bar, a spa center, coffee shop, a toy shop, a clothing store, hair/nail salon, pet shop, bakery, auto repair/styling center, cleaning service, pest control service, lawn care, grocery store, day care, fitness/gym, kick-boxing/karate training center, party service, security company, property management service, accounting firm, travel agency, electronics repair shop, printing, organic farming, elderly care facility, any service center that has physical shop.

How Much Can I Make?

As much as you would like! We offer a comprehensive program where you earn 50% of the initial setup for each client you help sign up.